I love watching Letterman and his top ten lists.  So, in hopes to provide some inspiration, I offer up mistakes I’ve made in my career as physician entreprenuer:

10. Hired someone when my got screamed not to.

9. Stayed in a job too long.  (I was a prison doctor at a women’s prison.  It wasn’t until I quit that I realized how bad it was!)

8.  Walked away from the first urgent care opened in Denver with out asking for a stake in the business.  (Still recovering from that one!)

7. Calling someone too late when I really wanted a job.  I called too late, and the job went to someone else.

6.  Not embracing technology sooner.

5. Underpricing/underpaying myself.  An ongoing problems.  My forehead is flat from smacking it every time I underprice myself!   Arggh!

6.  Listening to nay sayers,  Sadly, members of my family are huge negativists.  If it had been up to some of them, we would never have gotten to the moon because it “can’t be done.”

5. Being scared to take risks.  See note above about forehead smacking and negative family members.

4. Being intimidated by those smarter, cuter, richer, sleeker, older, more experienced…what ever.

3.  Spending too much time IN my business rather than ON my business.

2.  Not taking coding seriously when I first finished residency.

And my top mistake is:

1. Not believing in myself.

Hopefully you will not make these mistakes, but if you do, and you want to share how you over came them–comment at will!

my top 10 mistakes

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