It was a challenging week last week. Tweenager Daughter, of broken arm fame, is depressed and moping, and has decided that being a honor roll student isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and Hubby is still not gainfully employed.  (Month seven, not that I am counting!) I am still working to much, eating bad for me food, and exercising too little.  Last night my dog, a hyper Vizsla, tore up the trash, frustrated that I haven’t been walking her enough.

A wake up call came in the form of a Christmas card.  It was one of those pictures of the family in front of a beautiful location cards.  This card had a picture of a doctor, her stay at home husband, and their two children posed in front of half dome, in Yosemite.  What struck me was the fact that the doctor was decidedly overweight, next to her trim husband.  The second wake up call came in the form of an article in Entrepreneur magazine–about a 30-something corporate type from Denver that had an MI.  It had some advice on how to “get a life.”

I will summarize, but encourage you to read the whole article.  We doctors are the masters of over commitment, under self care.

  • Control your calendar.  Learn to say no. For me that means saying no to taking  more shifts and regretting it later.
  • Lower stress.  I know that when I go to the gym, I feel better. I need to schedule this in to my day.
  • Set aside “me time.”  Around the holidays, this gets really hard. For me, I get me time when I get up early and read.  I love to read, and it centers me for the rest of the day.
  • Define work/life balance.  I define this as time with my family, away from pagers and phones, with time to help Tweenager Daughter with her home work. What is decidedly out of whack–time with Hubby.  More later when I get a handle on this.
  • Hire somebody.  I found someone to send out holiday cards for my business and take on some projects.

I’m off to walk the dog.  What are you doing to create balance?

It’s a wonderful (balanced) life

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