As you know, I have been been working a lot of extra shifts since Hubby got his pink slip.  I knew I was burning out in mid September after taking about 5 extra shifts per month.  Here are my warning signs, and my anti-burn out plan.

  • Dread of going in to work that would start on my days off.
  • Shortness with nurses on the phone.
  • Excess whining at work on my part.
  • My daughter asking, “do you really have to go to work today?  I haven’t seen you in FOREVER.”
  • Over reliance on coffee.
  • Hoping that someone else would get to the “Code Blue” first so I wouldn’t have to run it.
  • Looking longingly at patients’ beds, wishing I could just sleep.
  • Wishing I would catch H1N1 so I could stay home, but no, my iron clad immune system is too strong!
  • Yelling at hubby to “get a job, dammit!”
  • Regretting instantly how b—-y I have been to just about every one in my life.

Anti burn out plan:

  • Over the top self care.  I got two 20 minute neck massages at WholeFoods before I went in to work.
  • Take some supplements. For example, Metaprot
  • Reducing the amount of shifts I am willing to work.  I cut down by a couple each month, starting in December.  (That’s the soonest I could change my schedule.)
  • Bring in good lunches/dinners to work.  No more high fat, high calorie doctor’s lounge junk!
  • Getting out side.  It’s beautiful out here in Colorado.  Getting out for a walk with my hyper dog (a vizsla, if anyone wants to know) helps her and me!
  • Saving the notes my daughter puts in to my lunch box.
  • Reminding myself that this too, shall pass, although it sure feels like a kidney stone right now!

And what do you do to avoid flame out?

Burned out: a recovery plan

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