I went to MBA school for a year, deferring my medical school admission.  I went for a year and then decided I really did want to save lives for a living.  Sometimes I wonder at the choice, and with all the changes that are occurring in health care, I wistfully think what it would be like to have the letters MBA behind my name instead of MD.

Here are 13 reasons an MBA is better than an MD:

  1. You don’t get sued for malpractice.
  2. The student loans are smaller, much smaller.
  3. There is no residency.
  4. Someone is not going to die in spite of your best efforts.
  5. Your pay is not based on some arcane formula developed by a mysterious entity called RUC.
  6. Your charts won’t be RAC’d.
  7. Your pay will not be determined by the President and Congress, who have very little knowledge of what you really do.
  8. Profit is your only motive.
  9. “Rapid Response” is when you answer an email quickly.
  10. A “code” is something software developers use.
  11. You learn about technology in school, not in the middle of the night when your hospital’s EMR “goes live” as you are trying to finish an ICU admission.
  12. Lawyers are your friends–after all, who else reads over all those contracts?
  13. You don’t get called in the middle of the night for a low potassium.

Yup, PookieMBA has a nice sound to it!  I could run GM!

13 reasons an MBA would have been better than an MD

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